Growing Techniques


At Eurosa Farms we grow all of our roses using hydroponics. This is essentially growing roses without the use of soil; all of the nutrients are dissolved in the irrigation water. We use coco coir which is ground up coconut husks, sourced from Asia and is a by-product of the coconut food industry. It is a neutral product without any inherent mineral or chemical value, that allows us to monitor the input of minerals and elements to our plants, such as nitrogen and molybdenum. There are approximately 16 essential minerals and elements that we can trace in the fertilizer that we provide to our plants. We can then collect run off water and evaluate a plant’s needs based on this information. We are able to collect and recirculate all of the water that we use for hydroponics, this allows us to preserve this resource and our environment.

Pest Control

Eurosa Farms employs an Integrated Pest Management program. Specific pests that we deal with on a daily basis include Thrips, Spidermites, Aphids, Whitefly and mildew. We use specific “good bugs” or natural organisms that match with specific pest prey. These natural organisms are called Biocontrols, they include an extensive list of different species of insect, bacteria and fungus. This helps us to reduce stress to our plants and allows us to maintain a balanced and healthy environment for our plants as well as reduce the environmental impact of harmful harsh chemical spraying and increases the safety and well being of our employees and customers.